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IMPORTANT NOTICE: To use the BIG icons you must use GO LAUNCHER EX 2.69 or ABOVE.
TABLET VERSION OF GO LAUNCHER: Tablet users must use GO Launcher Ex 2.71 or ABOVE.

ssLauncher VS Go Launcher

ssLauncher VS Go Launcher

On this review I´m comparing these two applications side by side and showing with screenshots why the ssLauncher is superior and better than the Go Launcher. No... Why should I do that ? I´ll let you judge by yourself - you can download both applications on Google Play Store and compare them. But before let´s see them more information from both:


ssLauncher is tiny with only 836KB while Go Launcher takes a huge 4.7MB. This proves how ssLauncher is well optimized and in fact it runs real fast even on low end devices, while Go Launcher is slow even on high end devices. ssLauncher wins in this matter for a HUGE difference.


Go Launcher is a based of the HTC Sense, if you have a HTC Phone you can see how they look like. ssLauncher is original, there´s nothing like it on the Market.


Unlimited power when you use ssLauncher, you make your own customizations and don´t need any theme to do that, while Go Launcher depends on themes and even so it´s very limited. The themes available for GO Launcher is HUGE, there´re thousands available while the ssLauncher there´s only a few (YET), but if depends from me it will grow very fast, my sister is converting my themes to be used in the ssLauncher and I like them most in ssLauncher than in Go Launcher, why ? Because ssLauncher gives power to do things that Go Launcher will never have, or any other launcher I´ve seen on market.

Let´s compare the themes bellow, click on images to ZOOM them:

GO Launcher (Dragon theme)

More screenshots on Google Play Store

ssLauncher (Dragon theme)

More screenshots on Google Play Store

As you´ve seen above, in ssLauncher you can create COVER Pages (1st screen) and customize each one, you have unlimited power to make every kind of shortcuts with text and graphics and move them around the screen as you like. New fonts can be used, graphics can be resized, icons can be made as BIG as you wish it to be. You can link a short cut to a page you´ve create, an APP, a Bookmark, a Contact or to anything you wish. Alignment is so easy with the grid lines helping you make your pages beautifull.


One more advantage with ssLauncher is that you can add SHADOWS to your fonts so they will look good on richfull backgrounds, try using some colors on Go Launcher icons menu with a richfull wallpaper... you will not have a good view of the labels. But in ssLauncher you can create a shadow and this make a lot of  difference.


It´s so easy, you can made your own custom clock, date, SMS counter, Phone calls counter, and much more to come in the next updates. Without any programming skills in Android anyone can make his custom gadgets, select any font type, size, put a custom background and make a shortcut to it. Have I said you can put an icon (or any image you want) as BIG as you want ? The limite is only your device screen size.


Go Launcher only allows customization of icons in the home screen, app icons depends on the theme designer to implement this wich is quite impossible to cover all icons in app drawer. ssLauncher lets you change all the App drawer icons wich is a must to make the theme look better. In Cover page this is much better yet, you can change the icon to any size as tiny or as big as you want them.


Give each page a unique background image (wallpaper), you are not limited for just one wallpaper for the whole theme, you can have each page customized to your wish. PAGE PADDINGS is another great feature available, each page screen you can customize the page paddings.

Let´s see an example bellow, click on image to ZOOM:

ssLauncher (Nature theme)
More screenshots on Google Play Store

Go Launcher is very annoying with the weekly updates, why? Because none of them fix the bugs, but the worst thing that irritates me a lot is when they remove a GOOD feature from the launcher. Also the updates doesn´t give any usefull features in most of the time. Considering they are a team this is a shame!

ssLauncher is a only man behind the app, yet he is very helpfull and the updates are really usefull. From his blogsite (click here to go there) there´s a post where he get suggestion of new features from the users. be Continued soon